duminică, 17 ianuarie 2010

Grafica atei

Grafica atei este o tehnica decorativa impresionanta. Ata exista intr`o mare varietate de culori / texturi iar sabloanele sunt infinite.
Felicitarile /tablourile cusute pe hartie formeaza un motiv sau un desen, trasat pe un suport de carton perforat anterior (dupa un sablon), prin intinderea mai multor ate, de diferite culori.

Englezii sustin ca tehnica provine de pe vremea reginei Victoria, cand figurile decorative erau pur si simplu perforate pe hartie cu un ac.
Modelele pe care le vedeti pe acest blog sunt cusute pe carton colorat (diferite culori).

Aceasta tehnica se numeste in engleza "string art" ... in germana "fadengrafik" .. in ungureste " fonalgrafika" .
Din pacate in romaneste nu exista o denumire standard pentru aceasta tehnica, dar daca e sa traducem mot-a-mot din germana sau din maghiara ar fi Grafica Atei ...

String art, pioneered in the late 1960s by the founders of Open Door Company of Los Gatos and Campbell, California, is characterized by an arrangement of colored thread strung between points to form abstract geometric patterns or representational designs such as a ship's sails, sometimes with other artist material comprising the remainder of the work. Thread, wire, or string is wound around a grid of nails hammered into a velvet covered wooden board. Though straight lines are formed by the string, the slightly different angles and metric positions at which strings intersect may give the appearance of Bézier curves (and often construct actual quadratic Bézier curves). Other forms of string art include Spirelli, which is used for cardmaking and scrapbooking, and curve stitching, in which string is stitched through holes.

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